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    Spring Break

    Gregory Dowell
    Mar 4, '09 11:28 PM EST

    After consulting my advisor and favorite studio professor today, I feel comfortable where I'm at with my thesis project to let it be for a few days and enjoy a short break. Spring break officially begins with the close of classes on Friday, but since I don't have class on Thursday, I'm skipping studio on Friday and taking an extended weekend that will suffice as my spring break.

    I have clearly articulated an attitude, vocabulary, and materiality for the main focus of my thesis project that I can begin applying it to the secondary and tertiary spaces to create a cohesive project. Determining the attitude, vocabulary, and materiality was the hard part. Applying it to the rest of the building should come rather easy (and it has to come quickly upon my return because my focus must quickly turn to articulating the details.) The details are where the real fun begins. I'll have some graphics to share early next week.

    As for my truncated spring break, I'm heading back to the old Alma Mater, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I still have a lot of friends at UIUC who are also completing their culminating projects, so I want to check out whats being thesis-ized there. It just so happens that it is also the College of Architecture job fair. Since I didn't have much luck at the Ball State job fair (and wasn't really seeking work in Indiana) I'm going to try my luck with a larger selection and firms from the Chicago-land area.

    So I've polished my resume and added a historic preservation specific resume to the collection. Since I'd like to work in a firm geared toward historic preservation, building science/forensics, and I like I thought a resume with HP specific information would be a good idea.

    I'll have my camera handy (a secondary mission is to take pictures of as many details that relate to type of details I'm going to articulate in my building) and report back here with all the joys of my extended weekend spring break.

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    • Bowser

      good luck at the job fair. i don't know how well you will do with chicago land firms, given the current economic environment, but let us know!

      Mar 5, 09 11:06 am  · 

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