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    All At Once

    Gregory Dowell
    Nov 23, '08 10:51 PM EST

    One thing that never fails is deadlines congregating around the same date.

    Another thing that never fails is that no matter how well you think you've planned for the onslaught, you're woefully under prepared.

    Last week I completed a building facade rehabilitation design as well as a research poster on the history of architectural glass production. That took care of two classes, only three more to concern myself.

    It's a symptom of professors everywhere, but they all forget what "break" means, as in, Thanksgiving BREAK. Ball State's break commences Tuesday after classes (which is actually Fruesday- Friday classes on Tuesday, to balance class meetings) but that doesn't mean I'll be free to do whatever I want over those five days.

    Upon returning from Thanksgiving, the other three classes' deadlines rear their ugly heads. In order to have our comprehensive digital model (the entire 10th Street streetscape) completed in time for the presentation to the community, each group has to turn in their section on December 1st, or the first day back. The next day I have a case study due in Professional Practice and the doozy of them all, the final draft of my thesis proposal (at least 40 pages), is due December 3rd. I'm hoping that date gets pushed back to the 8th, since we are just receiving our 2nd drafts back tomorrow.

    So I've planned out my schedule in order to maximize my time and be as efficient as possible. I hope to complete most of my digital model tomorrow and then moving on to completing my case study on Tuesday before tailgating starts. (Aside: Ball State is 11-0 in football and the season finale is at home Tuesday at 7 on ESPN2. The Cardinals look to move to 12-0 and clinch a spot in the MAC Championship in Detroit on Dec. 5)

    Wednesday is to travel home from break. Thursday is obviously reserved for family, food, and football. I won't be shopping on Black Friday, but traveling (+/- 6 hours in the car roundtrip) allowing for reading for thesis. Saturday is currently empty. If I feel like I need to work, I will or I may actually get to take a day for myself and relax. I'm returning to Ball State Sunday and will probably spend the rest of the day putting the finishing touches on my digital model.

    Sleep between Sunday, November 30 and Wednesday, December 3 will be only as necessary. The one positive that comes from all these early December due dates, is the fact that I have two weeks of "nothing" (relatively speaking) until my two historic preservation finals.

    Oh yeah, this will be long forgotten when I board the plane for Peru on December 28. I'll be spending most of winter break with my sister and brother-in-law (who are currently traveling round the world) hiking the Inca Trail and backpacking Peru. I'll come back refreshed and ready to design the solution to my thesis proposal.

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    • vado retro

      have you been to peru indiana yet? its closer and cole porter was born there. they recently restored his boyhood home which had been used as a meth lab.

      Nov 24, 08 10:02 am  · 

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