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    Sleep Walking

    Gregory Dowell
    Nov 6, '08 3:59 PM EST

    Today in Professional Practice we had a great presentation by Wil Marquez of Indianapolis, IN based design firm, A2SO4. The presentation looked at the changing face of architecture and the bigger picture of using design to solve challenges of all varieties. Wil challenged us to ask big questions and not settle for traditional answers.

    The presentation was framed around the notion that we were all "sleep walking" before September 11, 2001 and it took a tragic event to the "face" of architecture to awaken us to a new understanding of not only of what is architecture, but how design fits into the new model. It's no longer just about the architect and his blue plans.

    Currently a lot of the work A2SO4 is working on is in the United Arab Emirates. So Wil discussed how A2SO4 has collaborated and created partnerships on the global scale to make the best design possible. A2SO4 is asking the big questions and attempting to solve them through non-traditional answers.

    The presentation was very informative and in my mind also served as a great pep talk. Here I am six months from graduation with my MArch and I'm being reminded that the non-traditional answers that are often only the product of a university setting, is now the new direction architecture is taking in the real/professional world. I feel with my thesis I am asking the big question and currently working toward a non-traditional design solution. As Wil said, we can't understand anything differently without first getting lost.

    So with that, its time for me to get lost.

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