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    Heading Home

    Gregory Dowell
    Oct 2, '08 10:21 PM EST

    I just spent the last two days finishing up my Thesis and Design Project Proposal (10-page draft) and now I'm heading home for the weekend. This trip home has been on the calendar for a while as it's my Dad's birthday weekend and my sister and her husband will be in town one last time before they head out on their 12-month round the world trip. So its more than worth the 3 hour drive home. Well I have to pick up my brother at Indiana University so that detour will had an hour to the journey.

    I didn't have any class today, so after I finished up my draft I decided to head to downtown Muncie and snap a few photos of the beautiful historic buildings. Muncie is your run of the mill Rust Belt city, that has struggled for the longest time, so while a lot of these buildings are empty, at least they're still here. I purposely avoided snapping any photos of Muncie's aesthetically displeasing buildings. And trust me, there are plenty, especially from the 1960s (think Boston City Hall). Those are for another day because as a preservationist aesthetics aren't every thing.

    So since I'm pretty sure most of you have never been to Muncie (why would you?) and most of you will never make it to Muncie (why would you?) so go on a little field trip and check out Muncie's amazing historic buildings here. The sixth photo is the Murray Building (originally the Freund Buidling built in 1903) was refurbished in 2003 and it just may be my favorite building in the city.

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