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    When Push Comes to Shove

    Gregory Dowell
    Nov 3, '08 12:14 AM EST

    The calendar has turned another page and things are starting to heat up as the semester quickly comes to a close. November is one of my least favorite months (after February, of course) as winter moves in and the workload increases. Between now and November 19 things are going to be hectic, so its time to prioritize the tasks.

    The most urgent assignment is a 20 page draft of my thesis proposal. It's due on November 12. I submitted a 10 page draft last month, so its only an additional 10 pages, but the previous draft needs to be polished along with adding additional research. This time around my professor is looking for additional literature reviews as well as five precedent studies. He has also asked us to speak with somebody outside the College of Architecture about our thesis, be it a former coworker or some other "expert". So priority number one this week is obviously the thesis proposal draft.

    The following week I have due a research poster on the evolution of glass/windows technologies in HP Tech, a short case study for my Professional Practice class and a financial feasibility study for new use in HP Documentation. The poster will take the most time and energy. So the name of the game over the next two weeks is time management. But at the end of it all, it will be Thanksgiving break before a final push to the end of the semester.

    And of course I didn't mention studio, because that's always progressing. Hopefully I'll have some things to show you from studio in a short while. It's all doable, but I'll need to be diligent and efficient.

    I hope everyone had a Halloween as fun as mine. I went as Anchorman Ron Burgundy (the mustache is real) and ran into Sarah Palin, Joe Six Pack, the Mask and many others.

    I'm sure I'll end up at an election party on Tuesday evening (I early voted for Obama!). Please exercise your right to vote on Tuesday. Our participation is the only way the system works. I'm the class cynic but I'm feeling really good this time around.

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