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    It's Been A While

    Gregory Dowell
    Feb 16, '09 10:32 PM EST

    I can't recall the last time I posted (without looking I'm guessing it was at least 2 weeks ago). It's not as though I've been super busy, though busy nonetheless. Thesis project mid-reviews started today. I was lucky (or unlucky, depends on perspective) enough to be assigned a Friday review date, therefore giving me the rest of the week to prepare presentation material. Essentially we are supposed to present everything we've done up to this point. I know the professors (as well as outside reviewers) are expected a lot, so it really isn't just posted trash paper and random sketches. And for that reason it serves as a good kick in the butt for me to getting working.

    By the time I present Friday afternoon it will be just 5 weeks (including spring much for that) until the final presentation and review. That leaves April to compose a short written "report" of the "findings" as a companion to the presentation material. At this point I've made my "big moves" and addressed the myriad of programmatic questions so its time to zoom in on the micro level. It's time to explore how my new architecture physically connects to the existing architecture in a manner that reflects my attitude toward the existing. That's why I have checked out every Carlo Scarpa book the architecture library has and began to study his projects, as he's very successful at "connecting" and "linking" new and old architecture.

    So there's a quick update on the last two weeks and over the weekend I'll show you guys what I show the reviewers.

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