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    Snow Day

    Gregory Dowell
    Jan 28, '09 2:48 PM EST

    What I'd give to be a meteorologist. Sure they predicted snow, but they were off by at least 4 inches or nearly 50% of what they predicted for maximum accumulation. Imagine spec'ing a roof that was 4 inches off?! Exactly.

    We got about a foot here in Muncie so Ball State canceled all classes for today. The city doesn't even bother plowing the roads when an inch of snow falls, so there was no way things were going to work out with this much snow. The roads in Muncie are littered with potholes and they don't even care.

    Oddly enough its not my first college snow day. During my undergrad at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign I had two snow days (the first time class was canceled due to weather in the school's 140 year history) when nearly 3 feet of snow was dumped on the area. So here I am literally snowed in my apartment.

    So that gives me time to complete the process of reformatting my computer and reinstalling all the vital information. I've been working on this for over a week now, but I saved my computer from the brink of death and managed to save 6+ years of vital information and restore my computer to full working order. It should be back to "normal" by the end of the day.

    I can also continue working on my thesis project. I have chosen the abandoned Richmond (Indiana) Gas Company building as the "ruin" for my adaptive re-use. There will be a most in-depth post about the building and my project in a day or two. Furthermore I need to update my resume' and portfolio (I think a mix of my latest design efforts as well as historical preservation documentation and reports is the way to go). The rough plan I had for searching for a job back in August has been thrown out the window and I'm pretty sure I'm willing to go anywhere to get the job I want in this economy. We'll see what I find.

    But hopefully this is the last time I am in an area that receives significant snow fall but has nowhere to go sledding. We're going on 6 years now and all I want is a nice hill to sled down.

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