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    New Haven, Connecticut - 20 January 2007, 7:40 a.m.

    By Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
    Jan 20, '07 10:20 AM EST

    New Haven Coliseum, Kevin Roche/John Dinkerloo & Assoc. (1968-2007)


    • cpnorris

      why did they implode that building? what was it used for?

      Jan 20, 07 12:47 pm  · 

      nice photo sequence!

      Jan 20, 07 12:47 pm  · 

      what does this mark the end of?

      Jan 20, 07 2:52 pm  · 
      wikipedia's brief history of the n.h. coliseum (including the answer to your question, cpnorris).
      Jan 20, 07 4:43 pm  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      Sweet!!!! great set. BTW: how the simposium went today? Did you attend? Could you brief us or any hightlights? ; )

      Jan 20, 07 5:06 pm  · 

      I wonder how long it will take before they build anything else there.

      And, the many times I walked by, I wondered why they tore it down. I don't think the wikipedia article or the newspaper coverage I read while I lived there addressed it very well.

      I had this architectural history professor at Cornell, who used to say that you could tell when the University wanted to get rid of a building because they would stop the usual upkeep, let it degrade, then declare it unsafe and beyond repair, and finally tear it down for something else.

      Or maybe I just like under dogs and giant maligned structures.

      Jan 22, 07 10:10 am  · 

      Sweet photo sequence, Enrique, you guys def had the best view in town.

      Kablakistan - I don't think the townies liked it very much, except in an ironic 'love what you hate' kind of way. I never got a sense that the 'save the coliseum' movement extended far beyond the art and architecture circles in town. Like the A+A building, most civilians just think it's ugly, and urbanists hated what it did to the street. I heard a story once about street level commercial space that was cut from the as built project, but that could have been just a rumour.

      I'll give 5 to 1 odds that this site will remain a surface parking lot for at least the next five years. Good job, New Haven.

      Jan 22, 07 11:08 am  · 

      Yea, that is what I kept thinking, they just really wanted to have another parking lot. Those Long Wharf pictures were just a distraction.

      Jan 23, 07 9:32 am  · 

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