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    The Semester's Denouement

    By Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
    Apr 18, '07 8:10 PM EST

    I can't quite believe I'm writing this, but earlier today, I actually turned in a draft of my thesis (see above). It's about 156 pages long, including images and references. It's actually heavier than I thought, but then again, I don't think I've ever written anything this lengthy before.

    This marks the beginning of the end for me here at Yale. After my thesis defense on April 30th (and some minor revisions -- hopefully), I just have one paper and a final review. My girlfriend asked me the other night how I felt about finishing the thesis. At first, I was like, "Man, can't wait to get this stuff done." But as I write this, this the first time in, like, 700 days or so that I have not actually thought about my thesis.

    I am tired. My brain feels strangely, comfortably empty. Yet I think I am beginning to get a little sad. Now that this hurdle has been cleared, it seems like everything is going to end so quickly. I met so many great people here in New Haven ... I'm actually gonna miss the A+A building. Yes, I do love the building. Very much.

    But, in other news, it looks like I will be moving from the regular, convivial "metropolis" that is New Haven ... to Princeton, New Jersey. I will be starting Princeton's PhD program in History and Theory of Architecture in September. I am very, very excited about this. It's been a long road, getting to this point. Although I will be moving to Mercer County, New Jersey, a relatively small, isolated, yet lovely corner of the universe (where, as one Professor has intimated to me already, the veggies and seafood are better than they are in Connecticut), all I can say is, yippeeee!!!!!!


    • yipeeee indeed

      Apr 18, 07 8:27 pm  · 

      well done enrique!

      know that sad feeling perfectly well. kinda like loosing a friend you took for granted.

      looking forward to more of your blogs when you move to phd (hopefully you will continue). always interesting to read.

      Apr 19, 07 12:34 am  · 

      congrats on finishing the thesis!!! hopefully you had a few drinks to celebrate...

      congrats on the princeton deal too... AP and I were just discussing PhDs yesterday (via email) and you came up in the discussion... we were wondering whether you had chosen michigan or princeton...

      Apr 19, 07 8:53 am  · 

      Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

      I bet that does feel good.

      And if it makes you feel better about the quick ending, I felt like the thesis polishing process went on for a really long time. Defense, MED final review, final copy to Yale, and then I did another proofread over the summer before I got copies bound for family and advisors. The end does kind of drag along... no big bang finish. That was one of the biggest differences between MED and studio for me, no rush to finish, toss drawings on the wall, present, argue with critics, and run off to freedom. The feedback is soooo delayed. And you always wonder if the critics really read it all...

      Still, I do miss the pleasure of being immersed in a project like the MED, some good days. Taking four classes is not nearly as satisfying. At least not for me.

      But super congratulations, best of luck with defense and I know we are also looking forward to your move!

      Apr 19, 07 7:31 pm  · 
      vado retro

      congrats!now get drunk!!!

      Apr 19, 07 10:39 pm  · 
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      Well done, and good luck at Princeton!

      Apr 20, 07 6:08 am  · 

      c o n g r a t s!

      good luck on that defense as well!

      Apr 20, 07 11:13 am  · 
      liberty bell

      So Princeton it is!! Congratulations on completing one step and beginning the next.

      "Post-charette syndrome" we always called it, though it is different when the schedule is as kablakistan says. No "big finish". Of course the benefit is you don't have the question of whether to save or burn your models to deal with!

      I hope you will keep blogging, Smoke. I learn a lot from you.

      Apr 21, 07 9:49 am  · 

      Congratulations!!! I'm sorry to be just-missing you and M. in New Haven! But so happy for you :)

      Apr 21, 07 1:39 pm  · 

      Congrats, dude! Can't wait to read your published work...

      By the way, I'd love to read your thesis... any chance you can post a link to it in PDF???


      Apr 28, 07 2:56 pm  · 

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