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    By Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
    Nov 7, '06 8:24 PM EST

    My whole existence, reduced to wearing tags on my shirt:


    Special thanks to colleague Joy K. for letting me stay in her apartment in lovely Princeton, New Jersey. ...


    • smss what were you doing in princeton?

      Nov 7, 06 9:06 pm  · 

      oh i see... what did you think of it?

      Nov 7, 06 9:08 pm  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      I'd been there many times ... the open house had special Q&A/appointment sessions for PhD applicants, so my view of the whole place is a little different from that of an M.Arch applicant's.

      It's a lovely place, though.

      Nov 7, 06 9:19 pm  · 

      i went to jury summons today and my name was R2049 alternative juror #2...

      Nov 7, 06 11:51 pm  · 
      vado retro

      feel like a number...bob seger is so right on man...

      Nov 8, 06 3:09 pm  · 

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