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    I Gave Birth to a Thesis Chapter

    By Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
    Oct 23, '06 7:55 AM EST

    Indeed, only a couple of minutes ago. 40 pages. 10pt. Arial. 1.5 line paragraph spacing. 119 footnotes. I originally lost an earlier version of it (due to file corruption), and it took almost a week to recover its contents from my brain.

    Someone get me some coffee.

    Now everybody ....


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      hey are you finishing that phd before you start it?

      Oct 23, 06 8:59 am  · 

      good luck! Try Google docs. Easy way to back stuff up online.

      Oct 23, 06 11:16 am  · 

      Hey Enrique, this is Brian. Chris Evans' friend (at the time I lived in New Orleans). we hung out at a nautically themed bar on wilshire. Anyway, I am in DC/Baltimore-Philly these days and working on a master's in landscape architecture (to go along with my masters in planning. Iknow I know, but you are one person who can't say anything about that. Ha) I saw today that there was a lecture in B-More tomorrow by Stern. (I then checked and saw it was sold out- but I may see what kind of sneaking in I might do). I then remember that Chris said you were going into thesis research at Yale, so I thought I would see how things were going for you. Do you miss the west coast? give me an e-mail if you'd like. Esp. if you are going to be down to the mid-atlantic. I'd love to shoot the shit about architecture and our respective thesis projects. (I am going to visit my project site again in a few weeks - it's in California on some land Chris' boss owns)


      [email protected]

      Oct 23, 06 10:44 pm  · 


      Oct 25, 06 9:28 am  · 

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