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    Second-String Academic, or Last Train to Charlottesville!!!!

    By Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
    Sep 15, '06 10:35 PM EST

    I woke up this morning to find out that I am speaking at a conference at the University of Virginia in one week. I am terrified. I have never spoken at a conference before, and I am the only non-PhD student at this thing.

    For those of you interested, the conference is entitled Aftermath: The Cultural Response to Catastrophe (Go here or here for more info). So, I was originally an alternate, and apparently a presenter got sick. Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke to the rescue. The last time I was at UVa was in 1992, when I had admissions interview at the University of Virginia School of Law.

    I feel like the high school basketball player who has been benched, and suddenly has to go in. This means that my weekend is going to be a lot busier than I thought. I'll post more about my presentation and such in the upcoming days. Wish me luck.


    • A Center for Ants?

      Awesome! Way to go! Do you know what the exact title or specific subject of your presentation will be?

      Sep 16, 06 5:15 am  · 
      vado retro

      if you want to go over big,i'll email you my home run paper on modern media "youtube and you-i can show you, but i'd have to charge" goes over better if you get a couple of chicitas to do the milkshake dance with light show as you take the stage.

      Sep 16, 06 8:11 am  · 

      yes, what IS 'operation magic fire', smoke?

      Sep 16, 06 9:37 am  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      Operation Magic Fire (Unternehmen Feuerzauberin German) was the code name give to the transport of military aircraft from Germany to Spain during the Spanish Civil War, the same aircraft that were used in the bombing of Guernica in 1937. The "Magic Fire" is an allusion to the last movement of Wagner's Die Walküre -- the use in the paper is a term of art -- it was German origins, and it has a military aspect to it. Hitler, Ribbentrop, Canaris and others were at the 1936 Bayreuth festival watching Die Walküre when they cooked up the scheme to support Nationalist forces with shipments of bombs and aircraft.

      My research is about the role Erich Mendelsohn, Konrad Wachsmann, and Antonin Raymond had in the testing and development of napalm for Standard Oil and the United States Chemical Warfare Service in 1942-1943. So, Operation Magic Fire is a snazzy title. It's only a working title. The chapter I am writing right now, which is about the Society of Architectural
      Historians' role in the war effort rom 1941 to 1944, is entitled "The Myrmidons".

      Anyways ... that's what's going on so far ....

      Sep 16, 06 9:55 am  · 

      cool! and i thought mendelsohn just did snazzy department stores.

      Sep 16, 06 10:09 am  · 

      Hey man, I was lurking around and saw your profile. Congrats on your progress at Yale and especially the upcoming conference presentation! Good thing you had plenty of PowerPoint practice back in L.A... How's the thesis coming along? - JPB

      Sep 19, 06 9:36 pm  · 

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