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    I know I'm supposed to but just excuse me for a moment.

    By dibster
    Oct 17, '06 1:01 PM EST

    Its 1am right now and i know i'm supposed to be reading so that i can write my Urban Design essay which is due in 2 weeks time.
    I also know that I should be reading the disserations assigned to me so that i can do a critical review of them for my Research Methodology module.
    I also know that I should be working on my design which is 4 weeks away from submission.

    But right now i am uninspired. Tired from all the exertions of the few interims and submission for my tech module. Not to mention the UD essay which took forever to be completed.

    I know i'm supposed to work hard like what architecture students are expected to. I know that i need to press on for another 5 weeks before the semester is over. I know that its all in my head.

    But i also know that life is not all about work. life isn't about how exciting your building looks, how good your essay is, how much money you make. So, please excuse me for a moment while i take a little break from the screwed-up part of the world and go to the beautiful and nice part of it. I'll be back to go through that last 5 weeks of the semester.

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