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    Tech Module is over..

    By dibster
    Oct 14, '06 1:55 PM EST

    Its been a long and tiring journey for this module. We have to inherit a thesis project and then resolving its M&E systems, structural systems and curtain wall to a higher degree of resolution.Given the nature of schemes from NUS, projects are usually not exactly resolved, if one is lucky, one will find some thought put into M&E systems. Not to say that we dont put any space for services but rather little thought is put to EXACTLY how that works.Also, we have to ensure that the project meets the fire regulations and building code. Therefore, the key word for the module was "technology integration". We are supposed to be judged by how well all the services, construction, etc come together.

    First i have to say that my studio worked really hard for this module. We worked our butts off, designing the service cores, designing the floor framing system, designing the integration. Given the nature of the project, a change to one part leads to a change in everything. Very much like a real design project where we have to go rounds and rounds of reviews and iteration.

    So what we produced for the final crit were 4 A1 panels which had 2 key sectional perspective and one 1:50 model of a part of the 4-storey bldg. (some photos of which are below)




    These were then presented for the crit and honestly we were too sleepy to really hear every detail what was said to us (hehe). But really i tried hard to listen and what i gathered was that our efforts to redesign the service cores to limit its size and not break the architectural spaces. Also, given the complexity of the tasks, we were recognised as one of the most hardworking group, people who rose up to the challenge of integrating everything.

    One weird thing for this module though is the fact that all of us will be individually graded despite the fact that it is a group project. We've also just received an email for us to do a peer review for the project. Will have to send it out over the weekend.

    Well, thats all for my update on my AR5321:Advanced Architectural Technology module..

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