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    End of *scape

    By dibster
    Jan 15, '06 5:55 AM EST

    *scape project ended yest with a 9am submission. There was a 5-minute presentation for each group where the tutors and the *scape advisory panel walked around the exhibition hall where our projects were pinned up while the mini-presentations took place. We also had to vote for our peer's projects according to the following categories.

    1-most environmentally sensitive
    2-most innovative
    3-most spontaneous
    4-most vibrant for youth(i.e most likely to succeed)

    So,with our half-sleeping selves walking around the hall, we voted before dragging ourselves home.

    My group proposed the idea of play *scape for the site. With the catch phrase 'be seen,be heard,be yourself', we came up with an architecture which attempted to maximise the visibility from within the bldg to the streets and park below. But more importantly, the main idea of encouraging the youths to play was manfiested in the presence of 4 huge slides/ramps which start of from the main bldg towards the outdoor area. This was our way to encourage the youths to move to the outdoors and play,to let go and have fun rather than immersing themselves in the shopping culture.

    That was just a summary and I will upload more project details,drawings and sketches on my website in the coming weeks.( The projects will also be on exhibit at the National Youth Council building.

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