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    Takagi Masakatsu Museum of Multimedia Art

    By dibster
    Sep 1, '06 9:11 AM EST

    Been some time since my last post and like all architecture school goes, a lot has happened since then. Its been really busy in school with stacks of readings for the other modules and also discussions for design studio and our technology module. But for now, i'll focus on my design studio.
    We've spent the last 3 weeks discussing the program and doing site studies as a group and we are now beginning to move towards individual designs. I've selected the site at Queen St (near Singapore Art Museum) and will be developing “The Takagi Masakatsu Museum of Multimedia Art”. Discussions on the programme and also the nature of museums has been pretty exciting so far and i still need to figure out a way to share these exciting studies with all.
    My proposal is to create a Museum of Multimedia Art with Takagi as the
    inspiration for the building. I also plan to feature Takagi-san's work
    in this museum. It is my believe that the museum should embody
    Takagi-san's design principles.

    I do not wish this museum to become a static display gallery but for it
    to be open and welcoming where visitors can come in and relax and enjoy
    the urban area. (reference to the way Takagi draws inspiration from his
    surroundings) It will also be conceived as a public urban space; the
    heart of the Queen St/Waterloo St art district. I also wish to conceive
    this museum as a studio for Takagi-san where the museum now becomes a
    creative space, inspiring visitors through the use of Takagi-san's
    beautiful moving artworks.

    Brief Description of Artist:
    Takagi-san's work revolves around the ephemeral and the intangible.
    Being multimedia, it is not tangible and the artwork does not have a
    physical texture. In addition, he 'sees' colour in the wind and he uses
    sound as another colour in his artworks. He also likens the computer as
    a tool used by a craftsman rather than just a machine.

    Museum as studio. Light and sound as building materials

    I'm going to proceed with some massing studies and exploring possible manifestation of the building.

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