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    External Exams

    By dibster
    Apr 27, '06 8:18 AM EST

    The school will have selected work from the yr 3 cohort for a 2nd round of crit. These selected works will be reviewed by professionals (not tutors) and then make recommendations to the eventual design grade. (well, at least thats what the students know)

    the list of names will be out next week on 2nd May. No-one really knows how this selection goes about.. some say that theese reviewers just walk around and pick randomly according to which one interests them. Some say that the selection goes such that those borderline cases (almost C grade) will be selected to try and save them and the other group will be those really good ones (the A and A+) to see if they really deserve it. There's also another group that believes that the students who will be called for this external exam are those who are at the B+ and A- see whether they are B students or A students..

    Which one is true? I know no one who knows it. Or maybe just that no one really wants to say it. Maybe the students not supposed to know? Transparent system? Definitely Not. Necessary? Debatable..

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