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    ACAU project brief

    By dibster
    Jul 8, '06 7:24 AM EST

    Studio B- Sense in the City: Singapore River Banks

    How do we sense the city? How do we feel the city? Beyond the visual, what are the sensorial qualities that make up a city? How would we use the senses in sensing the city?

    This studio will explore to answer these questions. What do we sense in the city? How do we sense the city? How do we transmit the sense of the city?

    This studio aspires to discover a way of describing the city. This studio also aims to find ways of developing a sensation to the city. The studio will also imagine how these senses could impact urban design and planning of the city.

    The studio in line with the theme 'city at the waterfront' will analyze the site of the Singapore River banks (Boat & Clarke quays and including the river mouth at esplanade) as the main area of discussion. Through the filter of the five senses, the studio will be creating a description of the experience and observation of the site: luminosity, greenness, colours; Site sounds, Site smells, Site temperatures, the landscapes of climate and weather, and scenarios of time. The documentation will be followed by exploration of actions, strategies and scenarios as suggested by the sensorial recordings and analysis. Appropriate means of recording and transmission such as photography, video, and writing will also be explored.

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