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    New plans for hols?

    By dibster
    May 2, '06 10:28 AM EST

    I just came back from a meeting at MICA. seems like the job as a curatorial assistant will take a considerable amt of time. So..i might have to re-think the part about intern-ing at DP.

    Cant say much abt this new job but i can say something about the other thing which i'm doing. Well..doing some measured drawings..which i will start cadding out in a while. Spent a few hours at the house measuring the stuff so..hope to finish it up ASAP so that can send it over the architect by the end of the week.

    The list of students who have to go for external crit is already out. I'm not in the list though. Still baffles me as to how it comes about. But far as i'm concerned, i can now concentrate on doing the other stuff which i wont get to do during term time..


    • cj w.

      reading your past blogs.. so are you able to get in for the intern job in DP?

      May 4, 06 12:48 am  · 

      Whats MICA? Whats DP?

      May 4, 06 11:02 am  · 

      Sorry for not clarifying what it all means..

      DP is Design Partnership.its a conglomerate scale architecture firm in singapore..well, i got the job but i turned it down in the end to work for MICA which is the Ministry of Information Communication And Arts.

      The work at MICA basically entails me being curatorial assistant for the Singapore Pavilion which will be presented at the Venice Biennale 06. Being curatorial assistant entails me being involved in discussions and preparation of presentation materials. Its been an exciting process especially since the team put together this time round is a multidisciplinary team (inclusive of ppl from the graphic design industry, entertainment industry, multimedia, sociologist)

      It has in some ways opened up a whole new way of looking at architecture in Singapore. Away from the purist view of form, space and order but now seeing it as part of a larger framework of globalization, the times of star architects, the economic driving force behind architecture and so on..

      In fact at this point of time, i am thinking of starting an e-zine that will debate the new forces behind architecture. Anyone else interested? ;)

      May 16, 06 11:40 pm  · 
      steph p.

      i'm applying for internship at dp. tell me, how soon did they contact u after u sent in ur resume etc.?

      Aug 13, 06 3:58 am  · 

      They were quite quick to return a call and emailed me an application form (which was 6 pages long!!) For mine was abt 3 days and a friend got his response in less than a day but those were diff circumstances cos we had tutors who were working there to help us out.

      Yeah, but anyways, there have been news that they do get a little busy sometimes and you might need to call them to confirm.

      Aug 13, 06 8:22 pm  · 
      steph p.

      okay, thx. i got a reply from them asking how long i can work there. then a few days later i confirmed. it's been 3 days yet they haven't contacted me back.

      Aug 13, 06 8:52 pm  · 
      steph p.

      oh and i'd like to mention that u haven't posted any of ur work yet. i would love to see them, thanks!

      Aug 13, 06 10:30 pm  · 

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