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    been away..

    By dibster
    Jan 26, '06 10:29 PM EST

    its been some time since i wrote an entry..well..the next project that we are dealing with is the 'center for new elderly'..

    currently we are at the site analysis stage and also in the process of writing a detailed brief for the project. My site will be somewhere near duxton plain where singapore's tallest residential project will be there.

    Briefly, the project will attempt to define the concept of the new elderly.“New elderly” is a term referring to those who will be over 65 in 20-30 years time and who are now actively coping with the speed of the global world market. Once in old age their number and probable social and economic background will require spaces that promote cross-sectoral approaches; encourages interchanges between young and old; and fosters connections with busy everyday life. Research proves that even now almost 30% of elderly wish to be active even after retirement and feel fit for it. The “new elderly” not only wish and expect, but demand to continue to play an active and important role in the society. They see the retirement age as an opportunity to ultimately do what they always wanted to do, to change profession, or to continue with the current one passing the experiences on. In the same time they expect the space to be designed to fit their complex needs. The societies, on the other side, can't afford not to engage this huge potential of specific workforce and therefore need to develop adequate facilities.

    So how can architecture respond to this situation? that is what the project is about..

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