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    Exams and then..intern-ing

    By dibster
    Apr 22, '06 9:35 PM EST

    Its the exams period now and school is almost officially over. 2 more papers to sit for and more school till August.

    i should be going out to work as a student intern.Already applied for the position and waiting for a reply. I've applied to DP architects, (a conglomerate kind of architecture firm--> I figured it would be a valuable experience to see how such a large firm function. It will be a good comparison to the previous firm which i interned at (MAPS Design Studio->

    Although NUS have discontinued their year-out system, most of us still go out to find temporary positions at these firms in order to gain some really priceless experience. I have to say that when i was out on my first internship stint, it really made me see architecture in a different light .


    • steph p.

      how long is your internship?

      Aug 16, 06 9:46 pm  · 
      steph p.

      is it normal in sg for internship to go as long as a year?

      Aug 16, 06 9:47 pm  · 

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