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Aug '08 - Jun '14

  • meet me in...Louisville

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 29, '08 4:13 PM EST

    Just back from Louisville, attending the Idea Festival where Bjarke Ingels of BIG spoke about his firm and the Designs on the Future Cityinfo on the speaker Bjarke is an eloquent speaker, and the work of BIG impressively melds concept, formal analysis into built form. It was a treat to attend the... View full entry

  • Hello Cleveland

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 23, '08 7:31 PM EST

    Studio is progressing on the second generator: activity. The 2nd precedent study was also handed out ranging from Zumthor's Thermal Vals to Richard Serra's Matter of Time. Students are expected to research the response to site, entrance, spatial relationships, views and movement through the... View full entry

  • the test run

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 14, '08 1:16 PM EST

    Project: Meaning - Videography & Form This is the first of four generator projects given to the 2nd year design studio. The intent of the project is to develop an understanding of the mental process of design through analysis to derive meaning and generate form. The students were given 8 video... View full entry

  • precedents

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 6, '08 2:03 PM EST

    I am still not used to the 4 hours of studio time...being specific, on point, responsive, available, remembering their works- it is tiring but far more enjoyable that I could express. The students are amazing and left me godsmacked a few times at their efforts, committment and talents. Today's... View full entry

  • I'm so tired...

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 3, '08 12:53 PM EST

    I am completely knackered. In hopes of getting to teach at the graduate school I was invited to join the CSSI (construction, structures and services integrated) seminar. The course is an in-depth analysis of technical desciplines and how they are integrated in comtemporary buildings. This was the... View full entry

  • breaking the ice

    By David Cuthbert
    Aug 30, '08 6:05 PM EST

    this is the first post from the dark side... I am one of a few who have sought to blog about our experiences as instructors/tutors or more accurately guides on the architectural journey of students at the Caribbean School of Architecture. Myself along with 5 other architects and artists have been... View full entry

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