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    Off-the shelf solutions for Sustainability

    By David Cuthbert
    Dec 4, '08 7:20 PM EST

    In what could be cued as a response to Emily's post I was a jury member for the 3rd design studio project on Sustainable Housing.

    The projects took 2 urban sites in a troubled inner city community North of Kingston for the proposal of a variety of housing types to satisfy the needs of young professionals, new families and mature couples as well as a commercial provision (offices and retail over two stories)

    The housing proposals were varied however many lost touch with the community they were designing for, instead seeking off-the shelf solutions and failing to both use and protect themselves from the temperate environment. Or getting caught in a stylistic trap of "what a house looks like"

    The BIG message that rang through was how Third World communities can embrace sustainability as a vehicle towards poverty alleviation.

    Here is one of the more inventive solutions. Student: Linda Diasimage

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