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    Study Tour: Barbados

    By David Cuthbert
    Jan 30, '12 5:17 PM EST

    At the end of summer 2011 I made the transition from the 2nd year to the 4th year design studio. As part of the studio requirements students are expected in the 2nd semester to travel to another Caribbean island to undertake an urban study tour. This year the students went to Bridgetown, Barbados and I was fortunate to travel along with them. This is the story of the trip.

    Day #1

    Having arrived late the previous night and enjoying the country's night time activities (read: beer) we were all fortunate enough that the first outing was taking place in the afternoon. The Barbados Institute of Architects led by the president Michael Lashley, led us on a walking tour of the city of Bridgetown. 


    First impressions - like many Caribbean cities Bridgetown is attempting the delicate balance between preservation of its iconic Historic architecture and the development of more modern and sophisticated buildings. More to come.

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