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Aug '08 - Jun '14

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    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 6, '08 2:03 PM EST

    I am still not used to the 4 hours of studio time...being specific, on point, responsive, available, remembering their works- it is tiring but far more enjoyable that I could express. The students are amazing and left me godsmacked a few times at their efforts, committment and talents.

    Today's seminar was two-fold; presentation of their precedent studies and a group seminar/critique to show the work they produced for the meaning project.

    My aim in selecting the subjects for the precedents studies, was to have a fair mix of both local and non-architectural inclusions in the study. Some concern was raised initially if they were too complex for the short delivery time but all seemed to make valient efforts in their analysis

    Nanny Monument - Compass Workshop
    Negro Aroused - Edna Manley
    Rockafella Mural - Diego Rivera
    Brion Cemetary - Carla Scarpa
    Alice Yard Space - Sean Leonard
    Monument to the Murder Jews - Peter Eisenman
    Scottish Parliament - Enric Miralles + Benedetta Tagliabue
    Schroeder House – Gerrit Rietveld

    Works were studied in groups and arranged thematically around social revolutions, art movements, death or memory and generally questioned what was architecture or the domain of architects.

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