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    breaking the ice

    By David Cuthbert
    Aug 30, '08 6:05 PM EST

    this is the first post from the dark side...

    I am one of a few who have sought to blog about our experiences as instructors/tutors or more accurately guides on the architectural journey of students at the Caribbean School of Architecture.

    Myself along with 5 other architects and artists have been assigned to the architecture design studio for the 2nd year bachelor of arts in architecture studies.

    The studio in the first semester explores different design approaches in a search for elegant and appropriate solutions. Lessons in how human activity, climate, available resources and meaning and delight generate architecture.

    this is my story...

    Caribbean School of Architecture
    architect: Lascelles Dixon


    • cool... looking forward to it david...

      Aug 30, 08 8:03 pm  · 


      love that corb influenced, 1960's moderne/deco building - are the spaces inside as nice as the outside?

      congrats on the landing teaching gig - you'll be great as an arch-tutor. What sort of prep work and research have you had to do? Or was the syllabus already defined?

      Hopefully I'll be starting my 'teaching like I give a damn' blog in the next few weeks once the for the spring semester seminar is confirmed by the department head...

      Aug 31, 08 2:34 pm  · 

      Super cool! I'll read yours if you read mine ;o)

      Sep 1, 08 5:34 am  · 
      Sarah Hamilton

      Yeah! I found it.

      I am so jealous.

      Sep 3, 08 11:46 am  · 

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