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    he's baaaaaaack!!

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 11, '09 10:59 PM EST

    To quote a line from Kingdom Come by Jay Z, "the boy is back!" My last entry on the archinect school blog was an announcement that I had been offered a place to teach full time at the Caribbean School of Architecture starting in the fall of 2009. As one can estimate from this entry, I took the post.

    Aside from the 2nd year design studio that I tutored last year, I am lecturing the 4th year students in Architectural History and Theory, a course focussing on Modern Ideas & Architecture. Previously the course had been taught by a historian and the course objective was about Architectural Theory. However as architect, I took the stance that the course really could be about application, ie. "how does one apply Modern Ideas to Architecture."

    The contents of the tutorials produced by the students thus far are as follows;
    Women in Modern/Contemporary Architecture
    Historic Reference in Italian Rationalist Architecture
    Hyper-rationalism | a look into post OMA practices

    thank you for reading, now here is some visual stimuli | a room full of models from the container housing project critique


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    • David,

      This is a great idea....

      "how does one apply Modern Ideas to Architecture." as opposed to just learning the theory as some dry text...

      Oct 12, 09 11:08 am  · 

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