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Aug '08 - Jun '14

  • Caribbean School of Architecture at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale

    By David Cuthbert
    Jun 24, '14 3:45 PM EST

    The Venice Architecture Biennale (International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia) is one of those treasured event for architects dating back to 1895, when the first international Art Exhibition was organized and1980 when the first International Architecture Exhibition took place. This year for the 14th holding the Biennale, directed by Rem Koolhaas running from 7th June until 23rd November 2014 will be the Collateral Event  “Time Space Existence” at the Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora presenting architecture from 6 continents, brought together. 

    The Global Arts Affairs Foundation (GAAF) organizers for the Biennale have accepted a proposal of Architect Jacquiann T. Lawton, a Senior Lecturer at The Caribbean School of Architecture to present the final year Design Studio project of the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies entitled The Belize City Urban Study and Interventions at the Exhibition at Palazzo Mora in Venice as an official part of the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. The Belize City urban study (2014) was part of the Study Tour Programme at The Caribbean School of Architecture facilitated by the Board of The Association of Professional Architects of Belize, member of the Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects. 

    As an exhibitor, Architect Lawton will be attending the preview of the show from 4th - 6th June 2014 as well as the opening events.

    If you are attending the Venice Architecture Biennale please do go and see the exhibition by the Caribbean School of Architecture. And make sure to snap a picture and tag it #csa_venicebiennale 

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  • Instagraming the student experience

    By David Cuthbert
    Mar 21, '13 7:02 PM EST

    A number of students, and yes staff too, have been documenting their experiences at the Caribbean School of Architecture. Everything from presentations and critiques, to guest lectures and study tours to the various countries, not to mention some of the more social antics done through the... View full entry

  • a big big model

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 18, '12 7:34 PM EST

    This is by far my favourite time of the school year when students, day in and day out, from sunset to sunrise are huddled around a large context model. I can almost hear the chime of the "weeds" song by Malvina Reynolds as students measure, form and glue pieces of chipboard and card to make... View full entry

  • Barbados Study Tour: A Fitting End

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 11, '12 8:53 AM EST

    Last night we had our final presentation of our 2 week study tour of Bridgetown. We were lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful space in the Amaryllis Hotel with curved, textured walls. Members of the architectural community, family and friends came out in their numbers with nearly 100 people in... View full entry

  • Barbados Study Tour: Barbados National Trust Awards

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 10, '12 3:29 PM EST

    Whilst in Barbados were were fortunate enough to witness the National Trust Awards. Aside from being a great event, it wonderful opportunity for architects, Barbados National Trust members, clients and students from the Caribbean School of Architecture to socialise. Added it was held in a... View full entry

  • Barbados Study Tour: Six of Our Own

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 9, '12 5:19 PM EST

    Last night Architect Paul Simpson made a presentation entitled, Six of Our Own, featuring the work of former students of the Caribbean School of Architecture. Aiming to enrich the perspective of the students the presentation exhibited the works of the following architects; David... View full entry

  • Barbados Study Tour: Island Tour

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 8, '12 10:28 AM EST

    So on Sunday the students went on a guided tour around the island. I opted out of that instead choosing to spend the day relaxing. But to be abreast of their exposure I undertook the same trip today with my wife. The aim was drive from the parish of St. George through all the 11 parishes. Along... View full entry

  • Week 2: Barbados Study Tour

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 7, '12 6:09 AM EST

    Today was marked by delivering the final assignment for the study tour - a series of interventions and recommendations to be undertaken by the students for presentation before we depart on the weekend. To set the tone, Bajan architect and long-time collaborator with the school Architect Erskine... View full entry

  • Day #6 (Barbados)

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 5, '12 4:32 PM EST

    This evening was the second interim presentation. After a late start - a very late start, students presented their continued research of Bridgetown as well as ideas about possible interventions in their various zones. The jury was made up of former graduates of the Caribbean School of... View full entry

  • Day #5 (Barbados)

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 4, '12 5:43 PM EST

    Today was in an in office day - office being the coffee shop down the street, the hotel lobby and room. Much of the day was spent we me and Rob (the other lecturer) communicating to our hosts, reaching out to colleagues, preparing the next couple assignments and getting things ready for... View full entry

  • Day #4 (Barbados) - or how I fell in love

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 2, '12 1:13 PM EST

    On study tours you have to be guided by what is available on the ground and on the advice of your hosts. Today myself and the other lecturer went in search of areas for the students to undertake a number of site analysis. However soon after we arrived to Bridgetown we were aided by a suspicious... View full entry

  • Day #3 (Barbados)

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 1, '12 7:29 AM EST

    So after 2 afternoons of hand drawing, documentation and investigations the students prepared to present their findings. The work was pinned up in the living room of the guest house that some of the students were staying in. We called on local professionals, architects Erskine Rose and... View full entry

  • Day #2 (Barbados)

    By David Cuthbert
    Jan 31, '12 11:52 PM EST

    Now the work begins. Recalling our tour of Bridgetown we attempted to define distinguishable areas of study. 7 areas each of distinct character were identified and allocated to the students. The project in this phase requires initial data gathering - hand sketches and field measurements of street... View full entry

  • Study Tour: Barbados

    By David Cuthbert
    Jan 30, '12 5:17 PM EST

    At the end of summer 2011 I made the transition from the 2nd year to the 4th year design studio. As part of the studio requirements students are expected in the 2nd semester to travel to another Caribbean island to undertake an urban study tour. This year the students went to Bridgetown, Barbados... View full entry

  • back from my Latin tour

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 31, '10 1:27 AM EST

    I'm just back in from Puerto Rico and I thought I'd give a quick update before I completely pass out from the travelling (and this impending storm that's ripping through most of the Eastern Caribbean) The conference went well... very well. It was a chance to meet with many old dear friends that... View full entry

  • dejando en un avion

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 26, '10 10:31 PM EST

    So for the next few days I'll be in Puerto Rico presenting at the FCAA conference. I've said good bye to my students who get a reprieve from me for the next few days - although they'll have assignments to keep them busy until I return. As means to inject some much needed life into this fledgling... View full entry

  • teaching and...

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 19, '10 1:44 PM EST

    There is a general misconception that as lecturers our tasks are limited to teaching and coordinating lessons. However being a lecturer in a specialized topic requires that you contribute to the body of knowledge on the subject often through research and writing. Last month, and the reason for my... View full entry

  • crit day!!

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 14, '10 1:29 PM EST

    It's the first crit for the school year. The project explores form as a generative idea in design. Students were asked to create a series of three dimensional compositions comprised of 3 rectilinear volumes. Each object within the composition had to maintain an orthographical relationship to each... View full entry

  • voice from the other side

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 6, '10 4:46 PM EST

    Sadly there has not been much activity on this blog for sometime. And whilst this may sound like the typical archinect school blog excuse/response, mine had to do with my teaching schedule. I am one of the few who are blogging from the other side so to speak, the voice of academic staff and last... View full entry

  • going to the movies

    By David Cuthbert
    Nov 24, '09 10:21 PM EST

    Coming to the end of the 4th year Architectural History course - Modern Ideas and Architecture students were invited to pool their efforts from the lectures and tutorials to produce a film study of contemporary Caribbean architecture using examples found in Jamaica. Whilst the topic was fairly... View full entry

  • he's baaaaaaack!!

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 11, '09 10:59 PM EST

    To quote a line from Kingdom Come by Jay Z, "the boy is back!" My last entry on the archinect school blog was an announcement that I had been offered a place to teach full time at the Caribbean School of Architecture starting in the fall of 2009. As one can estimate from this entry, I took the... View full entry

  • the end? Or just the beginning

    By David Cuthbert
    Jun 14, '09 12:00 PM EST

    It has been quite a few since I've made a blog entry. The design studio and the final critiques came to an end in May to mark the close of the school year. A few things have transpired since then most notably an offer to teach full time at the Caribbean School of Architecture. An offer that I am... View full entry

  • 5 (student work)

    By David Cuthbert
    Feb 9, '09 10:58 PM EST

    Project: All Brought Together 1 rest rest activity activity (apologies on the focus) meditation Study Models :::: Interim Critique These photographs, albeit a fairly moderate resolution, were taken with a Blackberry camera phone. The images were emailed to the students - allowing them to see even... View full entry

  • up a river without a paddle

    By David Cuthbert
    Jan 17, '09 11:05 PM EST

    the first project for the second semester invites students to bring together the four generators, structure, meaning, climate and activities, in the design of a single building under one of three possible themes - meditation, rest or social activity. The location of the project is one of three... View full entry

  • Off-the shelf solutions for Sustainability

    By David Cuthbert
    Dec 4, '08 7:20 PM EST

    In what could be cued as a response to Emily's post I was a jury member for the 3rd design studio project on Sustainable Housing. The projects took 2 urban sites in a troubled inner city community North of Kingston for the proposal of a variety of housing types to satisfy the needs of young... View full entry

  • study week

    By David Cuthbert
    Nov 26, '08 12:58 AM EST

    In preparations for the end of semester exams the university has in place a study week. It is meant to be a non teaching time, with no tutorials or lecturers scheduled for those 5 days. This however, for the architecture students is really a chance to tidy up their portfolios, sketch books... View full entry

  • site visit

    By David Cuthbert
    Nov 9, '08 1:44 AM EST

    Last Thursday I took a group of students to see a domed house for and by a local architect (Pat Stanigar), as part of the precedent study for the final generator project in studio (structure). The 30 ft geodesic dome was completed in 2004, on the site of a previous dome (c.1984) that was burnt to... View full entry

  • no Glenn, who then?

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 25, '08 11:44 AM EST

    For 4 critical hours during the US Presidential Elections I will be in the Climate and Architecture critique. But this does not affect me directly as I cannot vote...I'm Jamaican In other news...continuing from my previous post about the lecture series. I made contact with Glenn Murcutt who has... View full entry

  • be careful what you say

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 18, '08 1:29 AM EST

    So as a response to the request for Lecture Posters to "pin up on archinect" I go to speak with the folks in charge. Knowing full well that a cohesive list of presenters does not exist, I ask nonetheless. I was told, albeit not alarmed that the creation of such a list has been attempted many times... View full entry

  • huff and puff and blow your house down

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 15, '08 4:45 PM EST

    With TD 16 and Hurricane Omar lurking in the Caribbean it seemed appropriate to be giving the lecture on Climate and Architectural Design. The lecture was not meant to be a scientific discovery rather an introduction to practical applications of passive design for the third design generator... View full entry

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