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    no Glenn, who then?

    By David Cuthbert
    Oct 25, '08 11:44 AM EST

    For 4 critical hours during the US Presidential Elections I will be in the Climate and Architecture critique. But this does not affect me directly as I cannot vote...I'm Jamaican

    In other news...continuing from my previous post about the lecture series. I made contact with Glenn Murcutt who has been top on our list since I was at the GMMC in 2001. Turns out he's cutting down on his trans Pacific/Altantic trips to spend more time at home.

    Anyway two things have arisen from this problem. Firstly finding a replacement, a quick list of names that have arisen; Rem Koolhaas (OMA), Bridget Shim (Shim Shutcliffe), David Adjaye, Bjarke Inglels (BIG). Previously we hosted Douglas Cardinal and Charles Correra

    The second is the desire for a Young Architects Symposium - which oddly will be based on the topic previous seen here, and may have an open invitation for papers/abstracts as early as December.

    anyway here are two random images of the recent desk critiques

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    • Carlos Eduardo

      Do you have contact with Glen Murcutt?...wao, Why dont you tell him if he goes around Caribbean, he stopped by to Panama?. We would be interested he comes here.

      Jan 18, 09 12:17 pm  · 

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