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    the test run

    By David Cuthbert
    Sep 14, '08 1:16 PM EST

    Project: Meaning - Videography & Form

    This is the first of four generator projects given to the 2nd year design studio. The intent of the project is to develop an understanding of the mental process of design through analysis to derive meaning and generate form.

    The students were given 8 video clips. They were asked to extract meaning through the analysis of the duration, scenes, duration, geometry, audio, colour, form, script, view, abstraction, angle, movement, shear, sequence, mood, feel, weight, etc etc.

    Specific for the construct, or form generated, is the exploration of colour, material, scale, planes, light, etc to reference or represent the ethos central or otherwise in the films.

    The interim crit was held last Friday with the 6 tutors and the 50+ students broken into two groups into the two critic rooms rooms. Anyway this is a trial run for the students for them to get some final feedback before the jurors come in next week.


    About the school: the student/tutor ratio for the design studio is 8:1 for the first two years of the undergraduate, and 2:1 for the graduate school.

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    • liberty bell

      David, somehow I missed last week's post re: staying on point in desk crits for four hours.

      It is exhausting, no? I swear the days I most want a bourbon after work are the days I've done desk crits for an entire studio!

      That's a crazy-good ratio, by the way.

      Sep 16, 08 10:15 pm  · 

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