Montroy Andersen DeMarco Group Inc. (MADGI)

Montroy Andersen DeMarco Group Inc. (MADGI)

New York, NY


PEM America

PEM America, specializing in the design and manufacture of bedding, came to MADGI with a request for a new, extremely versatile showroom. They are recognized as a leading supplier of a variety of high-quality soft home products including: bedding, quilts, decorative pillows, bedspreads, blankets, throws, bath and beach towels. Their new showroom, located in Midtown Manhattan was designed with fluidity and user experience in mind, addressing the constantly changing nature of fashion and design trends and the need for a customizable showcasing. The two floor showroom space features a connecting wood and metal stair, both elegant in its simplicity and functional in its ability to further highlight feature product with the use of platforms. The flexibility of the design has given PEM America a limitless ability to create intimate environments along with open congregation, ever-focusing on their specialty and the interests of their industry and clientele.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect and Interior Design