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    The Architect's Dream Machine

    Arjun Bhat Mar 5 '07 9

    check out this advertisement i found on's homepage. I hope some person here at MIT is close to finishing something like it ...



    • Steven WardSteven Ward
      Mar 5, 07 3:23 pm

      yeah. our office can't do that yet.

      Arjun Bhat
      Mar 5, 07 3:43 pm

      i watched it again, and they totally make the "architect" of the group look like a moody "artiste."

      Nick SowersNick Sowers
      Mar 5, 07 9:42 pm

      At last the MESSIAH has returned!!

      I have seriously been dreaming of this technology for years....


      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Mar 6, 07 12:13 am

      i love the little people screaming and waiving their hands as they are swept to the side to make way for trees.

      Arjun Bhat
      Mar 6, 07 1:00 am

      and then after, they're just milling about not knowing what to do. who knew entourage could be so fun?

      Fred ScharmenFred Scharmen
      Mar 6, 07 6:42 pm

      the future is going to be *so* awesome.

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Mar 6, 07 9:26 pm

      i think I'm in that ad!

      I'm one of the guys in the accident | fender bender.

      Mar 7, 07 1:53 am

      Which one is the architect? The guy who's all pissy that other people are messing with his toy model?

      Send that clip to the Media Lab and tell 'em to get some government funding.

      Cheyne Owens
      Mar 8, 07 12:38 am

      don't load anymores. where should I look?

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