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    Albany Megastructure - New York State Capitol

    Arjun Bhat Nov 11 '07 8

    last friday my ideal forms seminar took a trip to Albany to check out the New York State Capital Complex. Its basically a complex of government buildings, connected by a huge parking structure/mall. The plaza level/roof of the parking structure is about five stories above street level. The freeway basically enters the mega structure and terminates inside the parking structure. Its an unbelievable project just in terms of its Bigness. Here are some photos:


    After going there, I think the biggest problem of the project is its interface with the surrounding city. The spaces themselves, while monumental, aren't necessarily the problem. The access to the plaza is virtually non-existent, and the underground concourse which connects the buildings basically makes walking on the top of the plaza redundant. Add to that the cold weather in Albany, you get a vacant space during the winter time.

    back to work.



    • Liebchen
      Nov 11, 07 7:59 pm can you not love The Egg? Check this out.

      Arjun Bhat
      Nov 12, 07 12:32 am

      Wow. That was an amazing video. Who are those guys?

      Arjun Bhat
      Nov 12, 07 12:39 am

      oops, didn't catch the beginning of the video, TMBG looks different from what i remember.

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Nov 12, 07 6:41 am

      given your critique, some of your photos are almost TOO good, arjun. they make it look great!

      Nov 12, 07 7:46 am

      The band is They Might be Giants. And yeah, they've put on some weight. And John Hodgman.

      The picture of the rocket car adds a new layer of understanding to the complex.

      Arjun Bhat
      Nov 12, 07 10:13 am

      steven-dont get me wrong, I think the spaces were quite nice, and the architecture was very well detailed and well constructed. The major flaw is just the input/output, so to speak. thanks tho!

      and yes. rocket cars = awesome.

      le bossman
      Nov 12, 07 11:05 am

      somber. beautiful.

      Nov 21, 07 1:48 pm

      Albany is the grayest place on earth for like 10 months out of the year. These pictures definitely make it look better than it is... The Empire State Plaza is an unpopulated, dreary place.

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