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    Arjun Bhat Sep 11 '06 7

    I really like this town.

    I didn't realize that when I decided to come to MIT, i was deciding to attend night school. None of my classes start before 2pm, and my classes wont end till around 7 - 10 pm. i dont mind the late start. the late ending, however .....

    took a lot of vertical photos today. tried to sketch but tourists kept sneaking up on me and trying to watch. naturally, i'd screw up my sketch once i noticed them looking ... performance anxiety for sketching?

    this moment brought to you by hallmark.
    oooooh yeah. *drool*
    if I was a sox fan, i'd make some joke about new york and a hole.



    • Misen
      Sep 11, 06 12:51 am

      My boyfriend (at the time) and I were driving in SF stopped at a red light and a Ducati pulled up beside us. My boyfriend *rolled down* the window and *grunted* at the guy on the Ducati, in appreciation of the motorcycle I guess? And the guy *grunted back*. It was truly a male bonding moment. I'd never even heard of a Ducati before that evening.

      Living in Gin
      Sep 11, 06 12:51 am

      I used to live in Boston, and I loved that tunnel entrance with the "New York" highway sign above it.... It looks as if you'll dive into the tunnel and then instantly come out of the Holland Tunnel straight into Manhattan.

      Sep 11, 06 8:17 am

      I loved Boston too. There was just something about the place that I really fell in love with. I had almost no spending money, but always found something to do, any time of the year. LUCKY. Enjoy. I might have to move back after Philly is done with me. Although I may try Seattle.

      Chili Davis
      Sep 11, 06 8:23 am

      I thought Don Vito was in jail.

      Arjun Bhat
      Sep 11, 06 9:47 am

      I thought so too, but apparently he broke out and is stalking coffee shops in the the north end.

      Arjun Bhat
      Sep 11, 06 9:48 am

      misen, i totally know the state of mind your bf was in when he rolled down that window.

      Sep 11, 06 11:33 am

      love that stair shadow...

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