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    Arjun Bhat Sep 5 '06 2

    Howdy internet. This is Arjun. Nice to meet you.

    I love that this blog gives me an excuse to carry my camera everywhere. Just moved in a week ago and signed up for classes today. The freedom you're given as an SMArchS is both refreshing and incredibly stressful. I'm hoping to take a computations course, some urban design topics, and a prefab workshop. Just got department email about a course with Bill Mitchell and the GM Concept Car project, interesting ..... :D

    I'm very hungry so thats all for now. Till then check out -- you'll see photos of myself and people in my studio as we designed and built a house (named: modular3) last semester. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!



    • myriam
      Sep 5, 06 11:07 pm

      What is SMarchS? And, that moveable wall unit looks rad! Nice project! Looks like so much fun... Makes me kinda want to see if Kansas has a grad program...

      Arjun Bhat
      Sep 5, 06 11:26 pm

      SMArchS = Master of Science in Architectural Studies (read: post proffessional grad degree)

      Thanks for the complement! To plug shamelessly for KU -- you're in luck! They do indeed have a grad program. In fact, studio804 is the final graduate studio in KU's grad program. (i was in it by applying for one of the open spots). Altho they've restructured their program this year, so 804 is in fact be a year long .....

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