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    MIT Lecture Series Schedule

    Arjun Bhat Feb 13 '07 10

    So MIT's lecture series this spring semester is pretty bloody good. Cheers to the students and faculty here for putting together such a strong schedule. Here's the list:

    February 27
    François Roche

    March 1
    Peter Eisenman
    "Beyond the Index"

    March 13
    Richard Meier
    "Richard Meier on Architecture"

    April 3
    Massimo Carmassi
    “Time and Architecture”

    April 10
    Zaha Hadid
    “Total Fluidity”

    April 18
    Glenn Murcutt
    “Process: An Architecture of Response rather than an Architecture of Imposition”

    April 24
    David Adjaye
    “David Adjaye: Recent Work”

    May 1
    Cecil Balmond

    I suggest MIT rename their lecture series topic from "Revolution" to "Sampler Pack."



    • kylemiller
      Feb 14, 07 12:55 am

      thats beats the shit out of our schedule at UCLA this quarter. enjoy... I'm jealous.

      Feb 14, 07 6:25 pm

      FYI Zaha and old peter are the horrible lecturers. I have seen them both twice and wished i did not go, and will not go in the future.

      Feb 14, 07 6:36 pm

      aside that i wouldn't go to some, like zaha, that's a pretty stacked line-up...who bats in the nine hole?

      but yeah, why call it revolution? how bout aging veteran free agents?

      sorry for all the baseball analogies... pitchers and catchers on friday!

      Feb 15, 07 8:47 pm

      i like that glen murcutt and zaha are right next to eachother. i wanna see a punch up.

      Murcutt is an amazing lecturer, he moves really quickly.

      Arjun Bhat
      Feb 15, 07 10:41 pm

      he gave a pretty charged lecture my sophmore year at u of Kansas. Looking forward to this semester's.

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Feb 17, 07 11:40 am

      Arjun my studio will be up in Boston March 24th I think having a symposium with Ken Larsen let me know if you're around.

      Arjun Bhat
      Feb 17, 07 12:30 pm

      In Boston or Cambridge? If its MIT, I'm always around ... sigh...

      Feb 17, 07 3:53 pm

      maybe francois will give the same lecture for the 1,999th time.

      Feb 17, 07 3:55 pm

      also like your vivid verbage, dude. charging...
      Feb 17, 07 4:53 pm

      wow. is this a "my endowment is bigger than your endowment" face-off with GSD? either way, it's a good semester to be in cambridge.
      eveytime i've gone to see murcutt, he's been a great speaker. his enthusiasm is contagious. i'd love to have had him for a professor.

      who's going to be hadid's lucky boytoy?

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