Fred Scharmen

Fred Scharmen

Baltimore, MD, US



Unlicensed Architect, Amateur Urbanist, Uncredited Designer, Sometime Researcher and Writer


Fred's Featured Articles on Archinect

Architects: If You Don't Start Disrupting Urbanism, Silicon Valley Will Do It for You., Mon, Nov 7 '16

When Mountain View start-up incubator YCombinator announced this June that the company would be creating an initiative around designing new cities, it was easy for architects and urbanists to laugh.

Architects: If You Dont Start Disrupting Urbanism, Silicon Valley Will Do It for You.

Op-Ed: Sticks and Stones; Ai Weiwei and the Uses of Architecture, Thu, May 26 '11

This op-ed was initially conceived as a series of critical Twitter messages by Fred Scharmen, aka sevensixfive, directed at blogs (including Archinect) that have been providing ongoing exposure of new architecture projects in China, considering Chinas unfair capture and treatment of ...

Op-Ed: Sticks and Stones; Ai Weiwei and the Uses of Architecture

Archinect Op-Ed: Let's Get Small, Sat, Oct 25 '08

Over the past year, many offices in the profession have seen their projects shrink. Institutions are moving away from the all-at-once construction of a single new building. They are instead asking architects for ideas about phased, long-term master-planning - with an emphasis on step-by-step ...

Archinect Op-Ed: Lets Get Small

BackStory: Baltimore, place of Yes and Yes, Mon, Mar 24 '08

BackStory is an Archinect series that focuses on personal experiences of well-known buildings (or cities!) from those who are closest to them: docents, owners, janitors, occupants, and others. This is the expanded view or the bonus features that we may add to the official documentation of a ...

BackStory: Baltimore, place of Yes and Yes


The Working Group on Adaptive Systems, Principal and Co-Founder

Jan 2009 - current


Yale University, MArch, Architecture

Sustainability, Criticality, Parametrics, Organization Space

Sep 2003 - May 2006

University of Maryland, Bachelors, Architecture

Modernism and other conditions.

Sep 1997 - May 2001

Areas of Specialization