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    living vicariously through my past self

    Arjun Bhat Sep 5 '06 2

    So funny thing when I signed up for this blog thing ... turns out I already had a blog on archinect and didn't know it.

    I applied for a blog about 2 years ago in the middle of my fourth year at KU. Never got a response. "oh well," i figured, "guess they're just gonna miss out on the hot Kansas action."

    Well it turns out that they did respond. The only thing was the response went to my junk mail folder and I never saw it. So imagine my surprise when I access my MIT blog for the first time and see that I in fact have another under the title "The University of Kansas?"


    So, to make up for about 2 years of lost blogging and show and tell, here are some images from roughly the time I signed up to my graduation ...... I apologize in advance for the orgy of images, but hey, this is fun. (further apologies with those with slow connections)

    the first set is an opera house I designed with my very capable partner Cook.

    the second set is an independent design project i did in the last 3 weeks of the semester last winter.

    the third set is from my design build studio my last semester at KU. Most of the images are from the studio804 website ( These are some of my favorite ones.



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