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Sep '06 - May '08

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    Architecture = Babies?; or - thinking outside the box.

    Arjun Bhat Sep 20 '06 3

    So i saw this graphic on MSN's home page. I honestly didn't pay any attention to the caption written -- the image was just that strange.

    [image taken from]

    So I decided to I insert my own caption.....


    It got me thinking about something Sanford told us in class yesterday -- that by researching and being knowledgeable about other fields, be it science, technology, music, racecars, whatever -- and integrating the concepts those things have in common with a design problem (not formally, but at a base, essential sense) that it is almost a guarantee of an original concept. Its important to understand that this doesn't mean some sort of tenuous metaphor, but understanding the relationship between humans and their environment (at least, that's what I got out of it). I know some people are all about this kind of thinking, and some people believe that trying to apply abstract ideas from other fields either just doesn't result in a realizable architectural solution, or makes something that does both the borrowed element and architecture an injustice. There also are people who dont think an "original solution" is possible. I thought I'd put these question out there -- what do you think?



    • evangelicalbunny
      Sep 21, 06 12:39 am

      Dear Arjun,

      Personally, I thought that the graphic implied that duct tape in combination with a sock was a poor contraceptive and inevitably resulted in pregnancy. Although this is probably a good message. It would be better if they were more explicit in saying that only babies concieved by loving mothers & fathers are worth having and that everyone else should probably avoid participating in sexual activities at all.

      Would Jesus have used duct tape and a sock (or for that matter a peice of rubber) to avoid the responsibilities of fatherhood? Of course not. Jesus wouldn't have even engaged in those types of activities to begin with. By sacrificing, he created a better world for you. With sacrifice, Arjun, you can also create a better world.

      With Love,


      Arjun Bhat
      Sep 21, 06 12:48 am

      hmm, you're probably right. I suppose I should stop production of my duct-tape/tube sock brand contraceptives...

      Nick SowersNick Sowers
      Sep 21, 06 5:06 pm


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