Shanghai, CN


Shimao Li'an Marina City

Located 80 km northeast of Sanya, the Li'an Pilot Zone is a new international tourist destination appointed by the Government of Hainan. The 2000 mu site is currently a series of disused fish ponds and degraded marshlands straddling a narrow spit of land between the open ocean and a protected saltwater bay.

Taking full advantage of the site's inherent topographical features and context, Watershed proposed the development of a new 'Water City' to create new industries for the region and provide innovative cultural and leisure amenities. Existing fish ponds and usable landscape were retained to conserve wildlife habitat.

A "city grid water system" was introduced including 300 yacht berths to create a new "Asian Monaco" experience, fully integrating the water theme with building functions, natural environment, residents, and visitors throughout the master plan.

​Client: Hainan Goverment
Location: Sanya, China
Type: Mixed-use
Size: 3,180 mu​
Year: 2012

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hainan, CN
My Role: Urban planning