Verona Carpenter Architects

Verona Carpenter Architects

New York, NY


Edward Beiner Naples

Edward Beiner Naples offers an experience that is closer to hospitality than retail and very far from that of the typical optical store. Introducing materials inspired by Edward Beiner’s designs as well as his travels, we reorganized the space around a feature wall that tells the story of the brand. Incorporating five hundred 3-D printed frames, this display wall celebrates the brand’s interest in technology and customization while also revealing glimpses into the process of production.

Throughout we sought to detail wood, leather, and stone in unexpected ways to bring attention to craft and celebrate the texture and surfaces of these natural materials. We also redesigned the storefront to heighten its transparency. With large expanses of glass (as much as was permitted by the stringent hurricane code), white Calacatta marble tiles, and stenciled signage, we integrated inside and outside and made the store’s displays newly visible from the exterior.

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Status: Built
Location: Naples, FL, US
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Client: Edward Beiner
Design Architect: Verona Carpenter Architects
Architect of Record: Simon Architectural
Lighting Design: Jim Conti Lighting Design
Contractor: John Rogers Inc.
Photos: Lane Wilkerson Photography