Aaron Emma

Aaron Emma

Brooklyn, NY, US


North Carolina School of the Arts Library

The main function of this new library is to provide an inspirational space for collaboration and communication between the five major schools of the University as well as to be the social umbrella under which all students, staff, and faculty gravitate as the natural, safe, gathering space for the University.  Although site selection was critial in this matter the primary function is also enhanced by the floorplan of the library– the arrangement of appropriate adjacencies and spaces,
assigned and unassigned, within the building footprint.

     The entry provides an appropriately distinctive entrance to the UNCSA
Library, serving as a landmark on the campus by day and a lantern to the campus and to learning at night. An open entry volume serves as a dramatic zone for orienting visitors to the building. The technologies in the lobby further promote programs and services within the library as well as productions and activities across campus. 

     Accessible and independent of library security, a state-of-the-art, versatile multi-media venue for fifty people functions as an intimate auditorium for special programs, video conferences, gaming, cultural or other events.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Winston Salem, NC