Aaron Emma

Aaron Emma

Brooklyn, NY, US


Belsky Residence

     With the idea of becoming a retirement home for a single preson in the quite hills of Pennsylvania this renovation consisted of an entire reconstruction of the interior and exterior.   Previousely containing enought rooms to house a 5 person family the new function of this house called for a seriouse need to excavate.
      The requirements specified by the client for the house were simple: a house with lots of light, a master bedroom and a guest room, a kitchen and an plan that is open rather than divided into different rooms.  The resulting design mainly functions around a single, primary, double height open space that gives a relativley small house the feeling of grandure. 
      The open riser stair, that allows visability from one end of the house to the other, is supported by a sculptural, built-in funiture peice which sits as an object of focus in the centre of the house.  The stairs lead only to the guest bedroom and a computer/office space over looking the living area leaving the primary functions of the house all on the lower level.  Being primarily occupied by one person this almost completley eliminates the clients use of the stair.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Sugarloaf, PA
My Role: Individual Freelance Project