Aaron Emma

Aaron Emma

Brooklyn, NY, US


A Mountain Rescue Post

The question at hand is: “how can architecture, through the careful study and a precise application of building technology and environment, result in a design which exceeds its functionality and through the influence of environmental forces achieves a beauty born from the perfection of its response?”

With reference to the F-22 fighter jet my overall interest lies in an architectural design that is obligated to be determined by the surrounding environment.

The project will, propose a response to human existence in an extreme environment, as well as, investigate a new form of interaction and occupation with architecture of the future.  As a direct response to what seems to be the implicit challenge of this study, it will develop a form and function that becomes part of the surrounding environment but remains distinctly independent.  This is a new architecture of liquidity, flux and mutability predicated on technological advances and fuelled by a basic human desire to imitate nature.

The fractured and dynamic landscape encroaches into the structure, blurring the boundary between the two.  The building becomes invisible, hewn into the land, as if the architecture wanted to extend to the whole mountain.  A door may become a floor, a canopy become a bed and then a wall.  The challenge is to reweave the unity of a world in smithereens; architecture is no longer restricted to the isolated object but is being continually applied to the whole environment – a final way of adapting it..

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Status: School Project
Location: Himalayan Mountains