Aaron Emma

Aaron Emma

Brooklyn, NY, US


Gnu Academic Building

     This project is to design a new facility to house the School of Business and Economics Programs and the Computer Sciences Department for the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.  The project is to provide administrative offices, departmental space, seminar rooms, classrooms and lecture halls for the school.  The primary design challenges include choosing a site that serves as a central location that encourages diverse activities and ongoing interaction and creating a building filled with natural light offering a pleasing and uplifting environment.
      This is a three storey high linear scheme. One enters into a skylit Lobby/Atrium area. All of the shared instructional spaces reside on this floor and are connected by a double height skylit Hall. A central public stair + elevator core connect all three stairs and serves as the building’s main circulation.The second floor is devoted to several SBE Faculty offices with three Student Commons/Open Lab areas. Three greenroof areas are provided at the outdoor setbacks on this floor. The SBE Aministrative Offices and balance of SBE Faculty offices, and, the Computer Science Department Administrative and Faculty Offices reside on the third floor along with a shared Small Conference Room/Seminar Room. The double loaded corridors on this floor are illuminated by a full length overhead skylight.

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Status: Built
Location: Plattsburgh, NY, US