Tess Luthman

Tess Luthman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Sunchase IV Condominiums

Sunchase IV  -     $50,000,000
Barnes Connally Beachfront  Partnership
Development,  Corpus Christi,
South Padre
Island, TX

Sunchase IV is a condominium project designed to enhance the views for the owners to enjoy the beauty of the South Padre Island Beach.  The project was integrated with the natural environment to create an environmentally conscientious solution.  The site planning involved working within the regulations of the Gulf of Mexico and the State of Texas.  The layout carefully considered the placement of engineering systems to maximize the protection of the beach from hazardous waste.  EPA guidelines were followed to insure the protection of the natural habitat for wildlife and marine life.

To provide as many magnificent full-side views as possible, the twin rectilinear wings are set at 90 degrees to each other, linked by a semicircular connection.  Complementing this configuration, each of the floors stair-step back so that the roof of one residence becomes the sundeck or balcony of the one above.  The overall effect is a monochromatic, minimalist expression of unexpected shape and deliberate function.  Rather than attempt to mimic the inherent natural beauty of South Padre, the choice was to create an aesthetic, yet complementary, contrast.

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Status: Built
Location: South Padre Island, TX, US