Tess Luthman

Tess Luthman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Steer Residence

The Steer Residence was completed by Tess Shine Architect.  The location was adjacent to the  Buffalo Bayou in Houston, Texas.  The owner was Shirley Steer, President of the Carl Jung Foundation in Houston, Tx.  The location was exquisite, opening itself to a heavily wooded retreat culminating in the Bayou below. The original structure was a modest townhome with little personality and the challenge was to create a new vision for the Psychologist in her home and home office.

The transformation was complete in each detail of the building, from the door lintel to the baseboard details and the custom stained glass windows.  The success of her private office is accomplished in the large glass doors and windows that open to an exterior enclave, where group sessions are conducted.  The exterior entry elements celebrate the towering pine trees surrounding the building with open pyramid roof structures that encourage the view up to the sky.

Interior elements of neutral marble and indirect light soffits provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, offering a home-like, yet sublime environment for individual and group meetings.

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Status: Built
Location: Houston, TX, US