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One Architecture & Urbanism

Amsterdam, NL and New York


Zweven is Vrijheid

For a consortium of ABN AMRO, Siemens and two developers, ONEe did the integral planning for the introduction of a MAGLEV system in the Netherlands. The basic premise was that the system characteristics of Transrapid make it the perfect infrastructure for the conurbation known as the ‘Randstad’. With HST speeds but the acceleration and deceleration of a metro, it could tie together the existing city centers and the new developments along the highways, circling the Randstad with 11 stops in less than an hour.

One (initially with O.M.A.) offered strategic advice, developed a spatial strategy and the calculation of real-estate potential on terminal locations and terminals. Subsequently, ONE designed the concept and produced the visuals for the communication strategy.

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Status: Unbuilt