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New Clark City

In 2017, ONE was commissioned by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) alongside LEVEL Agency for Infrastructure to review the initial master plan for New Clark City, the Philippines, as well as developing a new river study and resilience framework with guidelines. 

This proposed green city, to be situated about 100 kilometers north of Manila in the Philippines, would be home to government centers, an agro-industrial park, a major sports complex, and more. ONE played a pivotal role in integrating resilience strategies linking water management and green space to all open systems circulating throughout the speculative metropolis, creating a comprehensive flood protection strategy for the entire city closely linked into efforts strengthening social resilience. 

As a deliverable of the review, ONE and Level developed a series of recommendations guiding further study of the river zone (resulting in the River Study with River Zone Plan) and mapped implementation pathways using a resilience framework, resulting in a sector-based Resilience Framework with Guidelines. The intent of the River Study with River Zone Plan was to leverage the identity-building and untapped assets of natural rivers in New Clark City. ONE and Level developed the River Study which analyzes challenges in planning and implementation resilience, and proposes design opportunities to optimize the river zone as a productive and protective ecosystem that provides immediate benefits for the city while integrating long-term climate adaptation strategies as well. It also identifies opportunities to link the river zone, designed with a baseline of mitigating 100-year storm events, to other green zones and connectors throughout the city, utilizing a mix of hard and soft infrastructure to align with land use and potential programming. 

All of these studies were intended to embed principles of resilience into the city’s development narrative, which profiles itself as a smart, green, disaster-resilient city, articulating core values related to resilience alongside high-level guidelines for achieving them, emphasizing nature-based solutions, and integrating physical and social interventions. 

Read more about the New Clark City Resilience Framework here

  • Project Period: September 2017 — January 2018 
  • Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB), Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) 
  • Collaborators: LEVEL Agency for InfrastructureArcadis 
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Status: Unbuilt