One Architecture & Urbanism

One Architecture & Urbanism

Amsterdam, NL and New York


100 Resilient Cities

One Architecture and Urbanism helps the Chief of Resilience Officers (CROs) broaden their understanding of what design is and what design thinking can do. Goal is to create a new pedagogy around designing in resilience and effectively communicate these ideas with a broader audience that works in the resiliency field. The curriculum is build using visual and interactive tools, allowing both an overview of the role of design and a tailored focus on specific challenges per each city. The process involves an online visual presentation with ideas and example projects, a design workshop with three of the CROs and a report with feedback from the design consultants. Role of the design workshop is to introduce the CROs to design thinking, experiment by evaluating an on-going project in their city in terms of its resilience capacity, and charrette on alternative approaches that could have broaden the outcomes of the project.

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Status: Unbuilt